December 16, 2018

Congratulations to Ansley N. of Anna, TX on her harvest of this world class 265" buck!  She made an absolutely perfect shot on this monster with a Remington model 700 .270.

We truly enjoyed having Ansley and her father with us at C5 Lodge.  They were a pleasure to host and we would love to have them back next year!

"They had a blast!  They came home and talked as much about how welcoming everyone was and how amazing the food was as they did about the hunt!  I can't wait to join them next time." - Haley N.


Axis Hunt - May 8-10, 2019

Congratulations to Mr. Clark B. of Madisonville, Texas on his harvest of this big-bodied axis deer!  Clark hunted long and hard for this smart and sneaky animal and he prevailed in the end, placing an absolutely PERFECT shot on this beautiful animal.

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Axis are a great game animal - especially outside of whitetail season.  At C5 Lodge, we have axis with hard horns throughout the year - allowing our guests a great option for an awesome hunt outside of regular whitetail season.  Not only do axis make a beautiful trophy, but they also provide excellent meat.  In fact, axis have been judged as the best tasting game animal in Texas!  They can be huge as well.  This one weighed over 230 pounds!

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Monster Whitetail

January 4, 2019

C5 Whitetails Lodge is not only an amazing hunting ranch with incredible trophy bucks, it is also a collection of amazing people.  It’s not just the hunting and lodging that are first class, the people, food, and customer service are as well.  They really know how to pay attention to all the little details making sure your experience is memorable.  I recommend C5 Whitetails Lodge to anyone.  I will be returning for sure!   -Mark W, Jan 2019

Congratulations to Mark W. of Lantana, Texas on his harvest of this 225" monster!

He brought folks from Integrated Construction out to hunt.  They were a great bunch of guys, and we really enjoyed having them out.  Mark takes care of his employees in a big way!  Please support the folks at Integrated Construction when you can.

Integrated Construction
White fallow deer

A great white fallow buck taken by Mark as well...


Nice blackbuck taken by Robert P. of Integrated Construction

What a great experience, great hunt, and even better people!!

Would recommend C5 Whitetails to anyone!  

The hunting lodge is beautiful!   Five star set up!! - Robert P, Jan 2019

Blackbuck Hunt - Sergeant Love 12/1/18

Sergeant Love's blackbuck...


In his very first hunting experience ever - and with his first shot - Sergeant Love harvested this beautiful blackbuck with his guide Bubba, and his son.

"Such a great experience, getting to hunt for the first time.  Made it even more special to bring my son and watch him on his first hunt too.  I cannot thank Chris enough.  Everyone there was so kind, made us feel right at home, and went above and beyond.  I highly recommend!!!  We made memories that will last a lifetime!  Thank you!!!" - SSG Terry Love

...and his son's first pig.


With his first shot at a live animal during his very first hunt ever, SSG Love's son took down this nice sized pig with his guide Bubba.  Great job!


Opening Weekend

"The most incredible hunting experience ever.  The food, the people, the ranch, and WOW - the deer!  We had three generations on our opening weekend hunt and we can't wait to go back!"  

- Kerry H, Frisco, TX

Congratulations to Kerry H of Frisco, TX on his harvest of a whitetail buck grossing over 208"!  It was a pleasure having them at the ranch and we would love to host them again.  What a great family to spend a weekend with!  

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