New Zealand Red Stag

Red Stag photo

Red Deer were first introduced to New Zealand in the 1850's, and now are regarded by hunters as the very best in the world.  Red Stag can weigh well over 500 lbs. and have the largest antler to body size ratio of any deer species.  The animal pictured above is just 4 years old and will likely score in the 350 range.  Much larger stags are available.

Trophy red stags are priced as follows...

< 350 SCI score = $6,500

351 - 399 = $10,000

400-440 = $14,000

441-465 = $19,000


500+ = $28,000

These hunts will go very quickly.  Book now!

Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer

Fallow deer are native to Europe.  Trophy bucks can grow up to 37" in height at the shoulder and typically weigh around 160 lbs in Texas, though they can weigh up to 300 lbs or more.   They can run up to 30 mph.  The white spots on their coats and long, palmated antlers make these animals beautiful trophies.  

We have nice bucks of several colors, including tan (with or without white spots), white, and chocolate brown..

Trophy Fallow bucks may be harvested at a price of $4,500.

Axis Deer

Axis deer

Axis deer are native to the Indian subcontinent.  Males reach nearly 35" tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 165 lbs.  The bucks have antlers up to over 3 feet long which are usually 3-pronged per side, but may have more.  The white spots and long antlers make axis a wonderful trophy animal.  Axis venison has been judged to be the best tasting game animal in Texas.

Axis bucks may be harvested as follows...

Up to 150 SCI score = $3,250

Over 150 SCI score = $4,250



Blackbuck are native to India, Nepal, and Pakistan.  Males stand roughly 33 inches high at the shoulder and weigh up to 125 pounds.   Their meat is excellent table fare.  They have long, ringed, screw-shaped horns up to 24" long in Texas.   Blackbuck can run up to 50 mph!  Females and juvenile males are light brown on the upper half of their bodies, and white on the underside.  Mature males turn dark brown or black on the upper parts of their bodies as they begin to breed, and even darker as they become dominant.

These animals make beautiful trophies.  Trophy males may be harvested at a price of $2,500.